the future
of medicine.

Donate Bone Marrow.

What if you could do something today that could lead to better treatments or even a cure for cancer and other serious diseases?

Bone marrow donors are urgently needed to help Lonza Donor Programs develop the medicines and treatments of tomorrow — medicines that have the potential to prevent illness, cure disease, support healthier lifestyles, and even create a healthier environment.

If you’re 18-45 years old, in good health and not engaged in high-risk behaviors, Lonza Donor Programs can use your bone marrow to continue their life saving work.

You will be compensated $600 via personal check for your time and effort immediately following your procedure at our Rockville, Maryland facility.

Donate to help create the treatments and cures of tomorrow.

I Want to Help

On a scale of 1-10, the pain was like a 4. I expected it would be way worse. I typically go to the gym and (the day I donated) it felt a bit like the same soreness or stiffness I feel after I've gone to the gym. It really wasn't bad. I plan to donate again in 3 months when I'm eligible again.”
D'Andre, a donor

What Else Can We Tell You?

Why donate?

Research scientists use the cells from your donated bone marrow to develop and test medicines and treatments with the potential to change lives dramatically. Not only will you be helping to create the treatments and cures of tomorrow, you will receive $600+ to compensate for your time and effort.

How does the process work?

We will call to determine if you meet initial eligibility requirements. During that call, we will schedule you a time to go through our in person screening at our office in Rockville where you’ll be asked questions and give some blood. The marrow donation procedure is performed at a local cancer center in Germantown or Bethesda by physicians.

Is it painful?

The amount of discomfort everyone feels is based on the individual. We do ask every donor this question and most people rate the pain from a 4-7 at the time of donation and we’ve heard it explained from a pinch to a charley horse. The area is numbed with a local anesthetic. Those who follow our hydration regimen generally experience less pain compared to those who do not.

Additional questions? View our FAQs

Your screening and donation appointments will take place at our Rockville, Maryland facility.

The Donation Process

Fill out the form online

After you give your contact information online, one of our Lonza staff members will call to ensure you’re eligible and schedule a date for you to come to our office in Rockville.

Come in for initial screening and blood draw

You’ll come in with your ID ready to fill out paperwork and get your blood drawn. If you’ve donated blood, it is a very similar process. You’ll need about an hour. We will schedule your donation date there.

Donate bone marrow

We work with a local cancer center and oncologists in Germantown and Bethesda where you will donate. Your appointment will be first thing in the morning. The whole process only takes about an hour.

After your donation

You will be contacted or emailed by staff in the days following your donation to ask how the donation went. You may choose to donate again 12 weeks after your initial donation-- up to 12 times in your life depending on your overall health.