Frequently Asked Questions

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Both your screening and donation will take place at our Rockville, Maryland facility.

Lonza Donor Programs is part of Lonza. Lonza Donor Programs have been active since 2000. Because of our donors in the program, many research scientists have made breakthrough discoveries and new medicines have made it to market to help patients in need.

Lonza’s research scientists use the cells from bone marrow to develop and test treatments with the potential to change lives dramatically. Medications and treatments are currently being studied that may be able to reverse the damage done by stroke, traumatic brain injury, or spinal cord injuries, manage the effects of heart failure and other chronic diseases, and bring us closer to a cure for cancer.

Anyone between the ages of 18-45 who is in good health and not engaged in any high risk behaviors may be qualified to donate. We suggest you fill out this questionnaire to get the process started to see if you are eligible to participate.

After the initial screening, an appointment is made for you to come into our center in Rockville, MD. We will confirm your eligibility, take initial blood samples, and schedule your marrow donation at a doctor’s office in either Bethesda or Germantown within 3 weeks.

Donors are given local anesthesia to minimize pain during the procedure. Discomfort during recovery varies from person to person, but most donors are able to resume normal activities right away. Vigorous, athletic tasks should be deferred for at least a couple of days.

First you will come in for an initial screening at our Rockville office. This is very similar to a blood donation. We will ask you several questions and you will give a blood sample. You are provided compensation for this screening appointment. However, you will not receive it that day. Once we get your blood results back and you’re determined eligible to give, you will receive an additional compensation for a standard research donation for a total of $600 immediately after donation.

There are some individuals whose blood samples may show that they are eligible for another program that we have. These individuals will be asked to do a few more screenings and can earn an additional compensation. Only about 20% of donors who are 18-29 years old and male are eligible for that program. We will let you know if you are one of them!

You may donate every 3 months and up to 12 times through your life.

Bone marrow creates stem cells that will create red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. And just like when you donate blood your healthy body replaces these cells within a few weeks.

Remember, there is no obligation in completing this form. Any information you provide will only be used to determine your eligibility for the research studies and to administer your account.

  1. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) must be under 36. You must also weight at least 105. See our chart below for maximums.
    4’11” 178 5’6″ 223
    5’0″ 184 5’7″ 230
    5’1″ 190 5’8″ 236
    5’2″ 196 5’9″ 243
    5’3″ 203 5’10” 250
    5’4″ 209 5’11” 257
    5’5″ 216 6’0″ or taller 290 (male) 265 (female)
  2. You cannot have a high keloid production. Don’t know what this is? Then you don’t need to worry
  3. You cannot have been pregnant in the last 12 weeks.
  4. You cannot have had a history with reactions from donating blood. What is a reaction? Vomiting, fainting, seizures, etc.

Your donation and screening appointments will take place Monday – Thursday from 8am-2pm. The screening will take about an hour and the donation (typically 3-4 weeks after your screening) will take about two hours total. However, we are available by phone to schedule your appointment Monday – Thursday from 7am – 5pm and Friday from 8am – 4pm. Our phone number is 888-926-9211.



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